Board of Directors

Marla Mccarthy


Marla at age 46, a wife and mother of 2, was working full time at a medical consulting company. She was working to open an additional  line of business for the company, running around to support her husband, kids and home.  This all came to an abrupt stop when at approx. 10:00 am on 11/17/14, she was outside smoking a cigarette with a coworker.  She noticed that she was slurring her words, her balance  was off and she had that indescribable headache.  Everything on her left side drooped, her face, arm and leg were numb. 911 was called and off she went in the ambulance to hear the EMT calling her husband to let him know where they were taking her.  They believed she had suffered a stroke. She can still feel that tear run down her face on the right side.

At the hospital, everyone learned she had an AVM deep in her brain that had ruptured.  Treatment then followed with intense rehab;  learning how to walk and use her left hand again. After 27 days in the hospital she was able to go home and after 7 months she returned to work.


Marla felt something pulling her to get involved with this support group for herself, at which time, she really wanted to be more involved in this group. She wanted to do everything in her power to spread awareness because she did not want another person to go through this. 

For the last couple years, Marla has proudly served as the support group president after spending a few years prior on the steering committee.

Denise Wilson

Vice President

Denise is a Wealth Coordinator for Wealthquest Corporation.  She has spent the past 25 years working in the financial industry.  Denise and her husband Joe have one daughter, Victoria, who is a senior at the University of Cincinnati.  In April 2015 just after completing a 5k, Denise's husband Joe suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm.  It was during Joe’s recovery that she learned of the Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group.  In 2018 she joined the TSBASG and served on the steering committee where she oversaw social media efforts, and led the re-branding efforts of the TSBASG to include a new logo and website.  

John Abraham


John Abraham is a graduate of UC College of Engineering and Xavier MBA program. He and his wife Julie live in Kenwood. They have three grown children. He is the owner of Atlas Vac Machine located in Reading where they manufacture medical device tray sealers used worldwide by the medical device industry in the cleanroom packaging of a wide number of implants, endosurgery devices, orthopedic implants, transplant tissues and even vascular surgery devices.

John believes you are given only so many days on the Lord’s earth and, as an aneurysm survivor, he believes he is in the Bonus Round. Make every day count.

Roberta Holden


Neurosurgery is my life, I love helping people. Every day I support patients with brain and spine problems. The neurosurgeons at Mayfield Brain & Spine are the most experienced and compassionate doctors I know. Critical to caring for patients is the research to improve patients’ lives, when they are struck by an aneurysm (bleed in brain) or a brain tumor.

I have worked for Mayfield Brain & Spine for 27 years. I was recently promoted to Staff Assistant. Customer service is my area of expertise. I believe in the customer experience and deliver with a high level of compassion.

I organized the first Aneurysm Walk in the tri-state area in 2014 and many other events including our Annual Brain Aneurysm Symposium.  I am currently the Secretary of the support group. I have held positions as Vice President (2016) and President (2017) and have served on the steering committee since 2006.


Our Mission is to provide information, education, encouragement and understanding to survivors, caregivers and those who have lost loved ones to brain aneurysms.


Our support group is run by survivors, family members and friends, with help from supportive organizations. We have no paid employees, no membership dues, no fees.

© 2020 by Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group.

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