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15th Annual Symposium

Surviving a Brain Aneurysm:

The Journey Continues

WEBINAR May 22, 2021


8:30am Welcome

Denise Wilson, President, TSBASG


8:40am Pre and Post-op Imaging of Brain Aneurysms

Jonathan Hodes, MD


9:20am A Brief History of Aneurysms and Treatments

Aaron Grossman, MD


Modern Techniques for Aneurysm Treatment

Peyman Shirani, MD


Headaches and Aneurysms

Matthew Smith, MD


10:00am STAR Award


10:10am Memory & Cognition after Aneurysm Treatment

Andrew Ringer, MD


10:50am Life Hacks after Aneurysm

Leanna Matsey, OTR-L, MHS

Lecture Recordings

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